Hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year!
I need everyone to turn in their 1st semester report cards. You can mail those to me or email them, either way is fine.
Deadline to have them turned in is Jan. 31st.

You must have your 1st semester report card turned in before you will be allowed to participate in the Spring rodeos/cuttings.

If you mail your report cards you might want to go ahead and send in your entries for the first spring rodeo in Hereford. Junior High will be both Saturday and Sunday (March 12 & 13) and High School will be only on Sunday (March 13).


Order of Events is the same two-day format we've been following.

Raffle ticket stubs and Ads/Artwork are due December 1st!  

There will be individual boxes for you to put the stubs in this weekend and you can put the Ads/Artwork in the Entry Box.

If you do not turn them in this weekend, it will be your responsibility to get them to me BY December 1st.

IMPORTANT;  If you are selling extra tickets for prize $, please turn them ALL in to me at one time so I can count them.  Do NOT put them in the boxes.

At 8:15 tomorrow morning, on KGNC 710 AM radio, there will be phone interview with Gus Gaillard, Slade Kelley, Creedence Crow, Caden Lanham and Jason Garrett.
They will also be on 1440 AM around 10:00 tomorrow morning with a live interview with Kenney from 806 Sports.
There will an interview with Craig Vaughn that will be played tomorrow evening around 6:00 on 95.7 The Armadillo with these same members.
We would like to thank the radio stations and these men for supporting our great sport of youth rodeo.
Be sure to tune in!


Entries for Amarillo have been posted under the Results tab on the website.  Please let me know if you see anything wrong by the end of the day.

Stalls & RV's at the Amarillo National Event Center will be first-come first-serve. Someone will be there to help you.
Stalls - $25/day
Partial RV - $35/day
Full RV - $40/day

We need all members to join the Remind App if they haven't done so already. We also need parents to sign up - there needs to be AT LEAST one parent on Remind for each member.


IMPORTANT!! Coggins will be required at the Amarillo National Center to get on the grounds Nov. 6-7th. Please have your coggins current and ready to go upon arrival.
There will be a team roping Saturday evening after the rodeo sponsored by Region 1 & Happy Rodeo Club. It will start 30 minutes after the HS rodeo is over - approximately at 6:30.
#11.5 slide
Enter 1/draw 2 for $180
Can add 2
Add-one after for $60/run
Enter once
Cattle provided by Jason Thomas.
For questions call (806) 676-6969


Cuttings #9 & #10 (Nov. 6 & 7) have been cancelled.  These will be rescheduled for next semester

Vernon reminders:
-Entries for Amarillo are due at Vernon! Please put them in the Entry Box BEFORE you leave on Sunday.
-There will be boxes available for you to put your raffle ticket stubs in that you have sold. Please separate them into the correct box. The deadline to turn ticket stubs in is Dec. 1st. They need to all be turned in this weekend or in Amarillo if you don't want to have to mail them.
-The artwork for the ads also needs to be turned in attached to the Ad form. You can either bring that to me or put it in the Entry Box. Make sure your name is on the Ad form.

-High School students will need to vote on Saturday for the Vice-President position. A voting box and ballots will be available for you to cast your votes.
-The members who qualified for Nationals this past summer will be recognized and presented their buckles & medals on Saturday after Rough Stock.

It was decided recently at the JH State Board Meeting that an online auction will be held in memory of Legend Williamson from Region 5, who was in a tragic horse accident. All proceeds will go to The Legend Foundation that has been established.
Region 1 will be donating an item for this auction, but if you would like to donate something personally you can send an auction item to the JH State Secretary Anne Dollery. The deadline for this is November 1st. She needs a picture of the item along with a description and a value. Anne's email address is texasjuniorhighrodeo@gmail.com.
You can send your item and information to:
Anne Dollery
P.O. Box 886
Caldwell, TX 77836


Entries for Vernon have been posted under the Results tab.  Please check them for accuracy.  If you see anything wrong please call me today asap.


We just received word that Kooper Preston, a past Region 1 JH member, was killed in a car wreck last night. We can't even begin to know the pain his family and friends are going through at this time. Please pray for them all.


We will run the rodeos off like we did at Perryton & Gruver.  Click here to see the Order of Events.

The rodeos will start at 9:00 each day.  Slack will start at 8:00 on Sunday morning.  Click here to see the entries for slack.

Stalls & RV's are first come first serve.  There are no call ahead reservations.  There will be someone on the grounds to help you and who you can pay when you arrive.  Stalls are $30 for the weekend and RV hookups are $40 for the weekend.

Remember to bring your entries & fees for Amarillo.  The postmark deadline is Oct. 23rd, so you can just put your entries in the Entry Box on Saturday.


Saturday at Vernon (Oct. 23) is our Tuff Enough to Wear Pink rodeo so everyone remember to bring your pink shirts!


The postmark deadline for Vernon is rapidly approaching.  Avoid late fees & get your entries in the mail before or by Saturday, October 9th.  It would be great if you'd go ahead and send in entries for Amarillo also.  

Don't forget to send in your fundraising check ($425) with your entries if you have not already turned it in.  This must be turned in or you can't rodeo at Vernon.

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO AVERY ARMSTRONG!  She was selected to be a member of the Texas Junior High Rodeo 2021-22 CINCH TEAM!  We are so proud of you Avery!  


Click here for information about Miss THSRA & Miss TJHRA.  Entry forms are due Jan. 1, 2022.

There is also a queen/princess clinic coming up in November.  Click here for that information.


Please do not forget to sign up for Remind.  We will be using this as a communication tool this year and you don't want to miss out on important information.

Be sure to let me know if you need any extra raffle tickets to sell.  Thank you to all of those "go getters" that are out there selling a lot of tickets.  It really helps out Region 1!!

The Kubota High Ticket Salesman will receive $1,000!  (You must sell a minimum of 200 tickets to be eligible for the prize money.)

Also, it would be great if you'd go ahead and send in your entries for Vernon.....and Amarillo too!

Don't forget those fundraising checks....they must be turned in before you can enter Vernon.

Stalls & RV's at Vernon will be on a 1st come 1st serve basis. There will be no call ahead reservations. There are plenty of stalls & hookups at Vernon. There will be someone on site to let you into the stalls & RV hookups when you arrive.

We will start at 9:00 both Saturday and Sunday at Vernon. Slack will be at 8:00 on Sunday morning.

Region 1 jackpot team roping on Sept. 11 at Perryton, TX.
11 slide, 1 sec +/- $80 team
4hd prog after 1
BO 6:00, RA 7:00
Everyone come join the fun!!

Jason Garrett along with Raynee Robinson and Brody McCreary did a live interview this morning on KGNC radio 710 AM where they discussed being members of Tri-State Region 1 and our upcoming rodeos at Perryton and Gruver. It will be re-aired around 6:00 this evening on KPUR 95.7 FM. You can also catch it on 1440 AM (an all Ag station) throughout the day tomorrow.
This is great publicity for our kids, our sport and our region!
They will also do a post-rodeo talk next Wednesday.
Try to tune in this evening if you can!


Callbacks/Entries for Perryton & Gruver are posted under the Results tab.  Please make sure you are entered correctly.  Call me by tonight if you see anything wrong.  Thanks!




ON Saturdays we will start with Junior High and Sundays we will start with high school.

At Perryton:  

  • General Membership meeting for Junior High at 9:00 and rodeo starts at 10:00.
  • General Membership meeting for High School after the Poles and before Rough Stock.

At Gruver:

  • Rodeo will start at 10:00 and there will be a church service after the Poles and before the Rough Stock.


For stall & RV reservations at Perryton contact David Baumann at (806) 206-5466.

Stalls - $25 for the weekend

RV's  - $40 for the weekend


Our first rodeo of the 2021-22 season is quickly approaching!  Get your memberships on the NHSRA website by August 28th and postmark those entries on August 28th to avoid a late fee.

You must send separate checks & entry forms for Perryton & Gruver.

CLICK HERE TO THE ORDER OF EVENTS for our 2021-22 rodeos.

Nominations for the 2021-22 Cinch Team are now open.  Eligibility is based on the grade the member just completed in May or June 2021.  Nominations are due September 15th.  You can go to NHSRA.com to view the requirements and submit the application.

The 2021 Founder's Invitational High School Rodeo will be held in Halletsville on October 9th & 10th.  Click here to see the details and entry form.  Please contact me if you are interested in entering.  Entries must be postmarked on or before September 17, 2021.  


FYI - The cutting that was scheduled for August 28th & 29th in Amarillo has been cancelled

You can send in the Adult Membership Form with your entries if you'd like or wait and pay at the rodeo in Perryton. If you join, this gives you voting rights for any issues that may come before the Region and also makes you eligible to vote for adult officers for next season when we have those elections.
It costs $10.50 per adult to join.
August 28th is approaching quickly (postmark deadline for entries) so please get your Memberships completed online ASAP and get those entry forms in the mail.


I would like to let everyone know that the board of directors met last week to discuss the concerns we had been hearing about the entry fees being to high compared to other Regions. Some of our board members were in contact with members from other Regions so we could be as informed as possible.  We had a very long and thoughtful debate about what was best for our Region and the majority of our members.  The board at this time has decided that it is in the best interest of our Region to have the entry fees remain the same as they have been for the last few years.  We will have a meeting at Perryton where we will give a little history of how we got to where we are today and what our plans are for the future.  I personally feel we have a great board made up of people who can see things from every angle, not just one side of the coin.  I would like everyone to know that every decision that the board has made has been with the best interest of the kids of Region 1 in mind.  Let's make this a great year for Region 1.

Thank you,

Randy Martin

Our 1st Rodeo of the 2021-2022 Season will kick off Saturday September 11th in Perryton Texas.  We will have a mandatory general membership meeting at 9am and the rodeo will start at 10am or immediately following the meeting. We will run our rodeos on the same format as last year with junior high roping, goats, barrels, rough stock, poles and then high school goats and roping events.  There are a few changes this year, in the fundraising we will no longer require you to sell a region ad for junior high or a tri-state ad for high school.  Also, the finals will be included in the point standing towards the top 10 that make it to state.  Since there will no longer be a just a finals towards tri-state points, there will only be 1 set of awards given this year.  Additional RV & Stall information will be added to the website at a later date.


We've been working on updates/revisions for the 2021-22 rodeo season.  At this time we are going to stay with paper/mail-in entries.  With all of the changes, we thought it best to stay with that for at least the first few rodeos.  Hopefully we will get the online entry system

up and running soon...please be patient with us.  Plans are to have the Entry Forms on the website by the end of the week.  I am excited to join the Region 1 family and look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new members.  If you need anything please don't hesitate to call me.  If I don't know the answer I'll find someone who does.

Marcy Sessions

Tri-State Region 1 HS/JH Secretary

1611 El Paso

Wellington, TX 79095

(806) 205-0350

​​Kubota High Ticket Salesman for 2021 will receive $1000.

(You must sell a minimum of 200 tickets)

Our Purpose: "To promote the highest conduct and sportsmanship at all rodeos."

Tri-State Region I Rodeo

​​Thank You to All of our Sponsors:

​​​​​Updated 7/13/21

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Contact Information


(This is the new email address as of 7-30-21)


The postmark deadline for Vernon is October 9th.  Feel free to send in Amarillo entries then too.  

The Junior High and High School Entry Forms have been posted under the Forms tab. 

The postmark deadline to enter for Perryton and Gruver is August 28th.  Also, if you wish to compete at these rodeos, you must have completed your Membership through NHRSA and have uploaded all of the required documents (one scan) by August 28th as well.  

All Memberships have to be completed 2 weeks before the rodeo you plan to compete in.

**Please Note:  For Perryton and Gruver entries you will need to complete an Entry Form for each day.   You will also need to make separate checks for each rodeo.  After that weekend, you will only have to complete one Entry Form for the rest of the rodeos this season.   

2021-2022 Membership ​CHECK LIST

Junior High dues are $245 ONLINE

($80 National dues/ $100 State dues/$65 Region dues)

Please upload & scan all the following to NHSRA as 1 document: 

   ___1.  Membership Application (NHSRA.com)
​   ___2.  Copy of Birth Certificate
   ___3.  Copy of last report card

   ___4.  Contestant Approval (Parents initial by events)(Under forms tab)

   ___5.  Member's Release (NHSRA.com)

   ___6.  Photo Release (Under forms tab) 

   ___7.  W9 Form for Contestants (Under forms tab)(Only the signature page)

   ___8. Social Media Policy for Contestants (Under forms tab)

Region1 High School dues are $300 ONLINE

($124 National dues/$121 State dues/$55 Region dues)

Please upload & scan all the following to NHSRA as 1 document: 

   ___1.  Membership Application (NHSRA.com)
​   ___2.  Copy of Birth Certificate
   ___3.  Copy of last report card
   ___4.  Contestant Approval (Parents initial by events)(Under forms tab)
   ___5.  Member's Release (NHSRA.com)
   ___6.  Photo Release (Under forms tab)

   ___7.  W9 Form for Contestants (Under forms tab)(Only the signature page)

​   ___8. Social Media Policy for Contestants (Under forms tab)


Please scan them all together as 1 document.